storing and visualizing genetic interactions in S. cerevisiae

Providing access to quantitative genomic data is key to ensure large-scale data validation and promote new discoveries. serves as the central repository for quantitative genetic interaction data for Saccharomyces cerevisiae produced by systematic Synthetic Genetic Array (SGA) experiments in the Boone and Andrews labs and provides a set of fundamental tools for analyzing genetic interaction data. In particular, we allow users to easily visualize, explore and functionally annotate genetic interactions as well as extract and re-organize sub-networks using data-driven or annotation-driven network layouts in an intuitive and interactive manner.

For more information A Web-Accessible Database for Visualizing and Mining the Global Yeast Genetic Interaction Network.
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Developed at the University of Toronto and the University of Minnesota by

  • Matej Ušaj (technical questions)
  • Michael Costanzo (SGA project & data)
  • Brenda Andrews
  • Charlie Boone
  • Chad L Myers
  • Yizhao Tan
  • Myra Paz Masinas
  • Benjamin VanderSluis
  • Wen Wang
  • Albert Zou

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