Global Genetic Interaction Dataset updated May 2016

The global interaction dataset is based on the construction and analysis of ~23 million double mutants which identified 550,000 negative and 350,000 positive genetic interactions and covers ~90% of all yeast genes as either array and/or query mutants. The global genetic interaction dataset includes three different genetic interaction maps. First, 3,589 nonessential deletion query mutant strains were screened against the deletion mutant array covering 3,892 nonessential genes to generate a nonessential x nonessential (NxN) network. Second, 1,162 TS query mutant strains representing 804 essential genes were also screened against the nonessential deletion mutant array to generate an essential x nonessential (ExN) network. Finally, 2,241 nonessential deletion mutant query strains and 1,108 TS query mutant strains, corresponding to 795 essential genes, were crossed to an array of 792 TS strains, spanning 561 unique essential genes, to generate an expanded ExN network and an essential x essential (ExE) network. The data can be downloaded from the links below. Note that we continue to map genetic interactions for remaining gene pairs not represented in this dataset and we will update the data and networks as new interactions are generated.

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Raw genetic interaction datasets: Pair-wise interaction format(521MB)

This file contains complete SGA genetic interaction data for the following:

  • A list of all query and array mutant strains represented in the genetic interaction network along with their corresponding fitness estimates
  • Nonessential x Nonessential network (NxN)
  • Essential x Essential network (ExE)
  • Nonessential x Essential network (ExN)
  • Genetic interactions involving DAmP alleles of essential genes

The interaction datasets are provided in a tab-delimited format with 11 columns:

  • Query Strain ID
  • Query allele name
  • Array Strain ID
  • Array allele name
  • Arraytype/Temp — Array Type (DMA or TSA) and Temperature (26°C or 30°C)
  • Genetic interaction score (ε)
  • P-value
  • Query single mutant fitness (SMF)
  • Array SMF
  • Double mutant fitness
  • Double mutant fitness standard deviation

Raw genetic interaction datasets: Matrix format(35MB)

This file contains complete SGA genetic interaction data matrix for the following:

  • Nonessential x Nonessential network (NxN)
  • Essential x Essential network (ExE)
  • Genetic interactions between Essential x Nonessential (ExN)/Nonessential x Essential (NxE) gene pairs

Genetic interaction profile similarity matrices(145MB)

Matrix files containing genetic interaction profile similarity values (as measured by Pearson correlation) for every pair of mutant strains in the dataset. Similarity values were computed for essential (ExE), non-essential (NxN) and all gene pairs combined (ALL). Each matrix contains 2 sets of row and column headers, providing a unique allele name for every mutant strain (row & column header #1) as well as a systematic ORF name (row & column header #2).

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